Man from Rede dies six years after being crushed by car

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A mechanic who was crushed while fixing his car died six years after the tragic accident, an inquest has heard.

Anthony Dunning, 34, of Church Close, Rede, died at West Suffolk Hospital just after midnight on August 28.

At an inquest into his death in Bury St Edmunds on Monday, Coroner Peter Dean said Mr Dunning had suffered severe hypoxic brain injuries in May 2008 when his car fell on him.

He said: “He was working underneath his own car fixing the exhaust when he touched something hot, kicked the jack out from under the car which fell onto him.”

The accident left Mr Dunning a tetraplegic and only able to communicate through blinking.

Referring to a report from his mother and ex-partner, Dr Dean said Mr Dunning was a ‘hardworking and talented man’ who ‘had a gift which he used to the full.”

“He was a son, a dad, a brother and a best friend to many”, he said.

Dr Dean said Mr Dunning had visited the hospital seven times this year.

He concluded that Mr Dunning died from bronchopneumonia - a consequence of the hypoxic brain injury and traumatic head injury in 2008.

He also said pseudo-obstruction of the bowels and acute kidney injury were also contributory factors in his death.