Man bit club boss and police

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A MAN sank his teeth into a nightclub manager’s chest, a court heard.

Paul Ah-Choon, 20, was dragged from Flex, in Bury St Edmunds, with his teeth embedded in manager James Hostler’s chest.

He then went on to attack three police officers as the incident continued in King’s Road and at the Police Investigation Centre.

Ah-Choon, of Smith Walk, Bury, was sent to a young offenders institution for 30 months after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm to the club manager, two offences of assault and one of assault by beating.

Ipswich Crown Court heard that in the early hours of August 21 last year Ah-Choon was asked to leave Flex because of the way he was behaving.

Prosecuting, Patricia Doggett said Ah-Choon became aggressive and sank his teeth into the manager’s chest as he was being dragged outside.

He refused to release his bite until outside on the pavement.

Police officers who were nearby spoke to Ah Choon who again became aggressive and had to be handcuffed.

Miss Doggett said that during the indent Pc Shelley Nailand was bitten on the arm before Ah-Choon was put to the ground and restrained.

While on the ground Ah-Choon bit Special Constable Daniel Church on the knee. Later, at the Police Investigation Centre, Ah-Choon began spitting and tried to bite Inspector Vincent Williams.

The court heard that when interviewed Ah-Choon replied no comment to all questions, despite being shown CCTV images of the events outside the club.

Miss Doggett added that as a result of the attack on him by Ah-Choon, Mr Hostler had been forced to wait several months to be certain he had not suffered any infection from the bite and had given up his job at the nightclub.

Ian James, in mitigation, said Ah-Choon was hoping to be able to change his life when he was released.