Lorry driver saved crash girl

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FOR lorry driver Graham Kew a police award for saving a child after a fatal crash is ‘icing on the cake’.

Though Mr Kew, from Gislingham, is proud Suffolk’s Chief Constable Simon Ash made the award, there is something far more important – a little girl called Alisha, now living in Bradford.

“I know there’s a little girl who’s alive and happy, and I’ve had a part in that,” he said. “The award is icing on the cake.”

At a police headquarters ceremony on Wednesday Mr Kew, 53, was one of three people to receive a Chief Constable’s Certificate of Appreciation. The citation said: “Your quick response in positioning your lorry across both lanes of the carriageway and rescuing the 18-month old little girl from the road undoubtedly saved her life and protected the scene until the arrival of the emergency services.”

Mr Kew drives for European Warehousing and Transport, based on Ipswich’s Ransomes Industrial Estate, and was on the A14 at Trimley on May 14 at 4.30am when a BMW saloon passed in the dark.

“I saw a cloud of dust as it went towards the central reservation, then it came across the dual-carriageway to the nearside where more dust flew up from the embankment,” he recalled.

He stopped his lorry, blocking the two lanes, and headed towards the overturned car.

“That’s when I saw what I thought was a bag of rubbish in the road,” he said. “It wasn’t until I got closer that I saw it was Alisha.”

He picked her up and checked her father, who was dead beside the car.

“I was all right about what I saw at the scene, it was the ‘what ifs’ later,” he said. “I kept thinking what if I hadn’t realised it wasn’t a bag of rubbish?”

He praised the police who were at the scene, but said: “Even while they were there trying to deal with everything, there were two cars came zig-zagging through the traffic trying to get by.”