Lorry driver answers man’s rescue appeal

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A MYSTERY lorry driver, who rushed to the rescue of a motorist following an horrific car crash, has stepped forward following an appeal in the Bury Free Press.

Dave Green, 53, came to the aid of Gary Talbot last month after his car smashed into trees on the A14, outside Bury St Edmunds.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Mr Talbot, 49, of Risby, could not remember his rescuer’s name so issued a message of thanks and a plea for him to get in touch in last week’s Bury Free Press.

The pair have now spoken as a result of the article.

Recounting the dramatic events, Mr Green, who is an HGV driver for Hewicks Haulage Ltd, in Cockfield, said: “I saw the car shoot off and disappear. Quite a few vehicles went past but I went up and found the car buried in the trees.

“I phoned the emergency services but couldn’t open the car doors. Gary was in a lot of pain and there was a lot of blood coming from his head. I got some paper towels and put them against his ears.

“His head drooped to go more or less unconscious so I shouted at him and he came around.

“The car was well hidden and the front of it was an absolute mess.

“It looked like someone had picked it out and dropped it from above. There were trees right up against his bumper and on either side.

“He wanted to thank me and the thanks was all there. It’s just human nature and you just help anyone. The main thing is that he’s recovering.”

Mr Talbot, who is disabled, had to be cut free from his vehicle and was taken to West Suffolk Hospital, where he received an operation on his leg.

He also suffered numerous cuts and bruises and his Nissan Primera was written off.