Lord Tebbit from Bury St Edmunds writes to Prime Minister over sick sex tweet

Lord Norman Tebbit in his house in Bury St Edmunds
Lord Norman Tebbit in his house in Bury St Edmunds
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Lord Tebbit says he has written to David Cameron asking him to look into how a member of the Prime Minister’s closest staff favourited a sick tweet about the Tory peer.

A tweet of Mr Tebbit being carried out of The Grand Hotel in Brighton after it was bombed in 1984, was cropped, and reportedly sent out with a message suggesting it was off him having sex.

That message was favourited by the Prime Minister’s twitter account – although Mr Tebbit believes this was by accident rather than malicious.

“Since I don’t tweet I’ve not actually seen it, I have merely been informed that it was offensive.

“I understand that it was endorsed by somebody in the Prime Minister’s office.

“I have dropped a note to the Prime Minister– I said I realise that it won’t be top of the list of his priorities but I hope he will look into it and speak to me when it is resolved.”

There is no suggestion that it was the Prime Minister himself who favourited the tweet.

“I find it hard to believe that the Prime Minister would have somebody in his office who thought ‘Ho, ho, this will cause distress to Norman Tebbit and his wife.

“I personally believe somebody was just stupid rather than absolutely crazy.

“I entirely accept that it is no more than a simple mistake.”