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LOCAL ELECTIONS RESULTS: Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils and Stowmarket Town Council

There is no overall party or group in control of Mid Suffolk and Babergh district - in a dramatic reversal of fortunes for the Tories.

It was a good day for the Greens who now hold 12 seats in Mid Suffolk.

Helen Geake from the Green party who was elected for Elmswell and Woolpit, said: "I am surprised and delighted, we did put a lot of work in. I think it's become slowly clearer and clearer over the past few years that Mid Suffolk Council isn't working very well, the best thing to do is stand yourself to try and change it."

Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils.
Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils.

Nick Gowrley, Conservative and leader of the council and cabinet member for assets and investments lost his seat to Gerard Michael Brewster, Independent and Keith Edward Scarff, Liberal Democrat, won the other Combs Ford, Stowmarket seat.

In the Mid Suffolk elections Paul Ekpenyong, Conservative managed to hold onto his seat in St Peter's, Stowmarket by a single vote. Both Needham Market seats were taken by Liberal Democrats - Mike Norris and Steve Phillips. There were more wins for the Greens as Helen Mary Geake and Sarah Elisabeth Mansel take Elmswell and Woolpit ward after former county council deputy leader Jane Storey fails to secure one of the two seats.

Both Green candidates, Rachel Eburne and Keith Welham have taken the Haughley, Stowupland and Wetherden ward.

Another upset for the Tories and win for the Greens as Oliver Amorowson takes one Conservative seat in Chilton, Stowmarket with Barry Humphreys, Conservative, taking the other.

For the Onehouse ward John Matthissen from the Green Party has been elected.

Rick Meyer, Conservative has won the Walsham-le-Willows seat.

Andy Mellen, from the Green party has won the Bacton seat, which was stolen from Jill Rosemary Wilshaw - the housing cabinet member for Mid Suffolk.

Daniel Robert Pratt from the Green party has won the Battisford and Ringshall seat.

Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils.
Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils.

In Babergh there were 11 fewer seats than at the last election in 2015, but with Tories across the country losing out as a result of Brexit and protest votes the Conservatives have lost overall control.

They still, however, remain the largest single party with 15 seats.

It means that Conservative council leader John Ward will now have to meet with other parties or Independents in a bid to try and form an administration.

Mr Ward said: “I would like to think as the largest group we would be able to form some sort of coalition.

“We have certainly taken some punishment as a result of the national picture.

“In the countryside the Greens have been the primary beneficiaries of a protest vote, but we still have a good number [of Conservatives] at Babergh.

“We have 15 out of the 32 – it’s not a majority but it’s something I think we can work with others to form an administration that is representative of all views.”

Clive Arthey, Independent, and Margaret Maybury, Conservative, have taken the Lavenham ward in Babergh District Council.

Despite fears beforehand that Brexit and apathy to party politics may have deterred voters, the district experienced a reasonably healthy 36 per cent overall turnout.

Counting has began of Stowmarket Town Council, updates to be published in due course.

Mid Suffolk District Council had 34 seats up for contest, instead of 40 last time around.

Mid Suffolk District Council breakdown:

  • Conservative have taken 16 seats.
  • Greens have taken 12 seats.
  • Liberal Democrats have taken five seats.
  • Independent have taken one seat.

Babergh District Council, breakdown:

  • Conservative have taken 15 seats.
  • Independent have taken eight seats.
  • Liberal Democrats have taken three seats.
  • Greens have taken four seats.
  • Labour have taken two seats.

The count is taking place at Wherstead Park in Wherstead.

This story will be updated throughout the day.


BACTON (One seat)

Andy Mellen (Green) - ELECTED, 633 votes

Jill Rosemary Wilshaw (Conservative)


Kay Maxine Oakes (Conservative)

Daniel Robert Pratt (Green) - ELECTED, 424 votes


Oliver Antonio Amorowson (Green) - ELECTED, 548 votes

Gary Michael Green (Conservative)

Barry Humphreys (Conservative) - ELECTED, 552 votes

David John Poulson (Liberal Democrat)


Gerard Michael Brewster (Independent) - ELECTED, 893 votes

Nick Gowrley (Conservative)

Miles George Samuel Newton Row (Green)

Keith Edward Scarff (Liberal Democrat) - ELECTED, 557 votes


Kerry Jayne Burn (Liberal Democrat)

Helen Mary Geake (Green) - ELECTED, 925 votes

Sarah Elisabeth Mansel (Green) - ELECTED, 1,006 votes

Jane Caroline Storey (Conservative)


Jo Clifford (Labour)

Chris Pitt (Conservative)

Rowland Scott Warboys (Green) - ELECTED, 506 votes


Stephen Richard Britt (Conservative)

Rachel Jane Eburne (Green) - ELECTED, 1,363 votes

James Passmore (Conservative)

Keith Paul Welham (Green) - ELECTED, 1,277 votes


Elaine Bryce (Conservative)

Andrew George Stringer (Green) - ELECTED, 838 votes


Paul Arthur Allen (Conservative)

Mike Norris (Liberal Democrat) - ELECTED, 847 votes

Matthew Carl Oakes (Conservative)

Steve Phillips (Liberal Democrat) - ELECTED, 805 votes

ONEHOUSE (One seat)

John Eric Matthissen (Green) - ELECTED, 463 votes

James Antony Spencer (Conservative)

Nicky Willshere (Liberal Democrat)


Philip John Cockell (Labour)

Gilly Morgan (Conservative)

Penny Otton (Liberal Democrat) - ELECTED, 628 votes


Sue Coe (Labour)

Jessica Thomasina Fleming (Conservative) - ELECTED, 502 votes


David Robert Child (Liberal Democrat) - 281 votes

Paul Ekpenyong (Conservative) - ELECTED, 282 votes

STONHAM (One seat)

Jeremy Aubrey Hall (UKIP)

Nicholas Robert Hardingham (Green)

Suzie Morley (Conservative) - ELECTED, 492

David Charles Payne (Liberal Democrat)

THURSTON (Two seats)

Ursula Ajimal (Labour)

Olivia Boland (Independent)
Ellen Elizabeth Kirkby (Liberal Democrat)

Oliver Passmore (Conservative)

Harry Richardson (Conservative) - ELECTED, 633 votes

Wendy Turner (Green) - ELECTED, 732 votes

Susan Agbeke Tytler (Green)

Frank Wright (Liberal Democrat)


Eddie Dougall (Labour)

Stuart Alan Masters (Green)

Rick Meyer (Conservative) - ELECTED, 428 votes

Martin Kenneth Herbert Spurling (Liberal Democrat)



Oliver Antonio Amorowson (Green) - ELECTED, 240 votes

David Robert Child (Liberal Democrat) - ELECTED, 194 votes

Heather Salmon (Labour)

STOW THORNEY (Four seats)
Terence S Carter (Green) - ELECTED, 492 votes

Maria Kirova Child (Liberal Democrat) - ELECTED, 332 votes

Aaron Paul Hodge

William Thomas Howman (Labour) - ELECTED, 240 votes

Dave Muller (Conservative) - ELECTED, 551 votes

Steven Slodzik (Labour)


LAVENHAM (Two seats)

Philip Faircloth-Mutton (Conservative)

Margaret Maybury (Conservative) - ELECTED, 745 votes

Clive Arthey (Independent) - ELECTED, 704 votes

Leon Stedman (UKIP)

Additional reporting by Jason Noble - local democracy reporter

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