Local election results 2011

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THE counts have been ongoing throughout the day to determine the face of district, town and parish councils across the region.

Despite cutbacks to services and a lack of funds at many authorities, a large number of seats are being contested by a range of political and independent candidates.

Results from St Edmundsbury show a gain for the Conservatuves. Of the 45 seats up for election the they polled 38, Independents won four and Labour three.

Labour gained one seat and Conservatives two. Lib Dems lost their three seats. Of particular note was Southgate ward which has been a Lib Dem stronghold for the past 20 years and which fell to Conservatives Patrick Chung and Sarah Stamp, while Paul Simner and Clive Springett, Conservatives. won seats after previously standing unsucessfully.

At St Olave’s Paul Hopfensperger has been elected to the borough after 20 years of trying to get onto the borough. This was at the expense of Mark Ereira-Guyer, Green.

Eighteen year old Tina Ross, Labour, failed to get a place on the council in Abbeygate Ward which was retained by Paul Farmer and Richard Rout for rhe Conservatives.

Bury St Edmunds town council meanwhile has already been won by Labour. Of the 17 seats Labour are guaranteed at least nine unopposed.

There was an overwhelming No vote for the Alternative Vote at Mid Suffolk, Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury Borough councils. See Friday’s Bury Free Press for full election coverage.


* denotes elected candidate

St Edmundsbury

Abbeygate - two seats

*Paul Farmer (Con); 1,007

Pippa Judd (Green) 448

Chris Lale (Lib Dem); 317

Tina Ross (Lab); 259

*Richard Rout (Con); 744

Tom Stebbing (Lab). 282


*John Hale (Con); 737

James Lumley (UKIP.) 223


David Bradbury (Lib Dem); 305

*Dave Ray (Con). 726


*Sydney Pugh (Cons) 482

Leslie Warmington (Lib Dem) 364


Ian Houlder (Con). uncontested


Angela Rushen (Con). uncontested


Shirley Stephenson (Lab); 332

*Pat Warby (Con). 427


*Beccy Hopfensperger (Con); 621

Sarah-Jane Pearce (Lab). 222

Great Barton

*Sarah Broughton (Con); 751

Pervez Khan (Lab). 199

Haverhill East three seats

*Leslie John Ager (Cons) 834

*Gordon Malcolm Cox (Cons) 662

Ernest Walter Goody (Lab) 636

Patrick John Hanlon (Lab) 648

Terence Hedley McNally Lib Dem) 260

*Karen Denise Richardson (Cons) 664

Kenneth Rolph

Havehill North three seats

Allyn Conor Bignell (Lib Dem) 375

*Patricia Anne Gower (Cons) 857

Julie Christina Jupp (Lab) 654

*Timothy Godfrey Marks (Cons) 825

*John Paul McManus (Cons) 771

Gary Stroud (Lab) 600

Haverhill South two seats

*Maureen Gwendoline Byrne (Lab) 428

Lisa Annettte Carr (Lab) 373

*Philip Morton French (Cons) 395

Michael Patrick Graham (Lib Dem) 145

Clive Nathan Turner (Cons) 359

Horringer and Wheletham

*Terry Clements (Con) 630

Robin Davies (Lab) 262


John Griffiths (Con). uncontested

Minden - two seats

Quentin Cornish (Lab) 524

*Robert Everitt (Con) 791

Jonathan Hartley (Lab) 426

*Clive Springett (Con) 720

Ritchie Tennant (Green 340

Moreton Hall - three seats

*Trevor Beckwith (Ind) 1,443

*Terry Buckle (Con) 990

Cliff Hind (Lab) 500

*Frank Warby (Con) 1,211

Kevin Waterson (Lab) 364


*Diane Hind (Lab) 315

Julia Rynsard (Green) 258


Gillian Malik (Lab) 193

*Christopher Spicer (Con) 623


Helen Levack (Con) uncontested

Risbygate - two seats

*Joshua Hordern (Con) 520

Neil Moffat (Lab) 266

*David Nettleton (Ind) 840

Karen Richardson (Green) 450

Ross Taylor (Lab)198


Jan Lavender (Lab) 236

*Sara Mildmay-White (Con) 656

Southgate - two seats

Richard Blyth (Lab) 387

*Patrick Chung (Con) 864

Gordon Hughes (Lib Dem) 293

Sara Rae (Green) 341

Nicola Ridgeway (Lab) 387

*Sarah Stamp (Con) 668

St Olaves - two seats

*Bob Cockle (Lab) 461

Mark Ereira (Green) 372

Kevin Hind (Lab) 314

*Paul Hopfensperger (Ind) 421


Jim Thorndyke (Con) uncontested

Westgate - two seats

Timothy Beech (Lab) 471

Sandy Carmichael (Lab) 501

*Stefan Oliver (Con) 929

*Paul Simner (Con) 879


Sue Houlder (Con) 395

*Derek Redhead (Ind) 571

Overall turnout 40.37 per cent - up from 34.09 at the last elections in 2007

Forest Heath results were first declared with Conservatives gaining three seats and retaining overall control. Labour gained one seat at St Mary’s.There are now 23 Conservatives, two Lib Dems, one Independent and one Labour member.

Forest Heath

All Saints - two seats

*Geoffrey Jaggard (Con); 461

*Robin Millar (Con); 366

Hilary Radford (Lib Dem); 277

Christopher Turner (Lab). 313

turnout 34 per cent

Brandon East - three seats

*Bill Bishop (Con); 788

*Stephen Edwards (Con); 677

Annette Meadows (UKIP); 415

Peter Ridgwell (UKIP); 512

Reginald Silvester (UKIP); 460

*Eddie Stewart (Con). 585

turnout 35 per cent

Brandon West - two seats

Mark Allen (Lab); 263

*David Bimson (Con); 416

Lee Jacobs (Ind); 185

Abi Jones-Weetman (Ind); 193

Henry Kostecki (UKIP); 199

*Tony Simmons (Con).296

turnout 36 per cent

Eriswell and the Rows - two seats

*David Bowman (Con); 582

David Chandler (Ind); 308

John Smith (Lib Dem); 358

*James Waters (Con). 667

turnout 41 per cent


Janet Anderson (Con); 291

*Ben Williams (Lib Dem)372

turnout 43 per cent

Great Heath - two seats

Jason Alecock (Lib Dem); 254

Tom Caple (Lab); 233

Jim Lawrence (UKIP); 132

*Nigel Roman (Con); 435

*Tony Wheble (Con); 322

Dave Whitear (UKIP). 101

turnout 33 per cent


Hilary Appleton (Lab); 217

*Rona Burt (Con).485

turnout 50 per cent

Lakenheath - two seats

Iain Frost (Con); 416

*David Gathercole (Ind); 553

Carole Lucas (Ind); 326

*Colin Noble (Con);656

Ian Smith (UKIP); 227

Richard Smith (UKIP). 116

turnout 41 per cent


Stephen Frost (Con); 308

*Tim Huggan (Lib Dem).366

turnout 54 per cent

Market - two seats

Gill Caple (Lab); 261

Patrick Finn (Lab); 237

*John McGee (Con);615

*Malcolm Smith (Con). 570

turnout 34 per cent

Red Lodge - two seats Uncontested

Roger Dicker (Con).

Andy Drummond (Con).

Severals - three seats *Michael Anderson (Con). 663

*Warwick Hirst (Con). 637

*Rachel Hood (Con). 655

Ian Horner (Lib). 237

Ian Radford (Lib Dem); 357

Joy Uney (Lab).416

turnout 28 per cent


Carol Lynch (Con).uncontested

St Marys - three seats

Ruth Allen (Ind); 451

*Chris Barker (Con); 540

Peter Clifton (Lab); 329

Dave Hudson (UKIP); 372

*Bill Sadler (Con); 505

Sue Syvert (Con). 355

*Michael John Jeffrys (Lab) 473 labour gain

turnout 33 per cent

At Mid Suffolk Conservatives have retained their seats and made a gain of two. The count had been halted to allow the vote on AV and has now resumed. Duncan MacPherson has won a Labour seat on the council.

Mid Suffolk

Bacton and Old Newton

Simon Bennett (Con); 412

Ian Hawkins (UKIP); 85

*Sarah Stringer (Ind).476

Badwell Ash

*Roy Barker (Con); 779

Thomas Fairweather (UKIP); 62

Ann Gath (Lib Dem); 89

Andrew Mellen (Green).183

Barking and Somersham

David Payne (Lib Dem); 121

Jeremy Smith (Con); 310

*Stephen Wright (Suffolk Together).493

Bramford and Blakenham two seats

Michael Blakenham (Suffolk Together): 731

Tony Elliott (Lab): 222

John Field (Lib Dem): 584

Sophie Neudec (Lab): 200

Brian Smith (Lib Dem): 226

Kevin Welsby (Con): 453

Claydon and Barham two seats

Linda Britt (Con): 469

Shirley Fairburn (Suffolk Together): 250

David Penny (Green): 139

Martin Redbond (Lib Dem): 502

Mohammed Touman (Lib Dem): 296

John Whitehead (Con): 573

Jennifer Wilson (Lab): 251

Terry Wilson (Lab): 233


Jennifer Chattington (Lab): 176

Brian Fearnley (Green): 178

Kathie Guthrie (Con): 509

Xy Stansfield (Lib Dem): 92

Elmswell and Norton two seats

Julian Cunningham (Lib Dem); 492

*Sarah Mansel (Green); 657

Carol Milward (Lib Dem); 615

Heather Salmon (Lab); 291

*Jane Storey (Con). 991


Merlin Carr (Green): 334

Peter Ede (Lab): 102

Charles Flatman (Ind): 426


Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (Lib Dem): 230

Marilyn Curran (Con): 575

Garry Deeks (Lab): 177


*Diana Kearsley (Con); 696

Kevin O’Keefe (Lab); 152

Ged Paterson (Green); 184

Linda Smith (Lib Dem).93

Haughley and Wetherden

Rachel Eburne (Green) - unopposed

Helmingham and Coddenham

*Tim Passmore (Con); 719

Martin Spurling (Lib Dem). 263


Lorraine Edwards (Lib Dem): 175

Liz Gibson-Harries (Con): 594

Geoff Hinchliffe (Lab): 159


Jessica Fleming (Con); 223

Rebecca Martin (Lab); 46

*Andrew Stringer (Green.) 724

Needham Market - two seats

David Hill (Lab); 277

Wendy Marchant (Lib Dem); 1045

Mike Norris (Lib Dem); 850

Samantha Streatfield (UKIP) : 299


Stephen Carlton-Walker (Con); 312

John Matthissen (Green); 539

Nicky Turner (Lib Dem) : 106


David Burn (Con): 534

Brian Guthrie (Green): 209

Elaine Halton (Lab): 167


Adrian Clayden (Con);335

*Penny Otton (Lib Dem).604

Rickinghall and Walsham - two seats

Eddie Dougall (Lab) 497

*Sara Michell (Con) 1,006

*Derek Osborne (Con) 971

John Stebbing (Lab) 426

Julia Truelove (Lib Dem) 218


Patricia Godden (Lib Dem); 528

David Whybrow (Con) : 508

Stowmarket (central) - two seats

Gareth Betts-Davies (Green) 363

Suzanne Britton (Lab) 398

John Curle (Lib Dem) 176

David Griffith (UKIP) 252

Colin Groundsell (Lib Dem) 164

*Lesley Mayes (Con) 636

*Poppy Robinson (Con.) 744

Stowmarket (north) - three seats

*Gary Green (Con) 1,202

Colin Lay (UKIP) 348

*Duncan Macpherson (Lab) 855

Nigel Rozier (Green) 737

Brij Sharma (Lib Dem) 432

Frank Whittle (Con) 1,033

Pete Woodley (Con) 813

Stowmarket (south) - two seats

*Gerard Brewster (Ind) 480

Twiggy Davis (Green) 366

Jeremy Izod (Lab) 254

Keith Scarff (Lib Dem) 403

Christopher Streatfield (UKIP) 108

Christopher Vecchi (Lib Dem) 150

*Vera Waspe (Con) 468

Anne Whybrow (Con) 345


Caroline Byles (Con); 356

Ronald Snell (Lab); 128

Craig Theobald (Green); 127

Mark Valladares (Lib Dem): 265

Stradbroke and Laxfield

Stuart Gemmill (Ind): 752

James Hargrave (Lib Dem): 289

The Stonhams

Terence Curran (Con); 462

Anthony Fowler (Lib Dem); 295

Nicholas Hardingham (Green); 152

Jan Hicks (Lab): 91

Thurston and Hessett - two seats

Gillian Bush (UKIP) 226

*Derrick Haley (Con) 999

David Kemplay (Lib Dem) 499

Geoffrey Palmer (UKIP) 169

*Sam Powell (Con) 724


Kay Field (Lib Dem); 53

Marion Ravenhill (Lab); 128

Charles Tilbury (Con); 533

Rachel Turner (Green) : 281


Judith Broadway (Lib Dem); 79

Ray Melvin (Ind); 468

Barry Salmon (Lab); 69

David Scotford (Green): 204


Kielen Aalders-Dunthorne (Lib Dem): 138

Paul Burrows (Lab): 221

Matthew Hicks (Con): 613



Peter Knights (Ind) 192

*Ann Steward (Con) 471

Harling and Heathlands two seats

*Kay Fisher (Con) 928

Stephen Green (Lab) 403

*Ellen Mary Jolly (Con )875


Richard Coke (UKIP) 144

Tom Goreham (Lab) 215

*Mark Kiddle-Morris (Con) 522

Thetford Abbey - two seats

Mike Brindle (Lib Dem) 229

Brenda Canham (Lab) 266

*Carl Clark (Lab) 273

Jeff Davey (Green) 99

*Pauline Patricia Quadling (Ind) 385

Mike Spencer (Con) 253

Thetford Castle

Roy Brame (Con) 191

Danny Jeffrey (Lib Dem) 52

*Terence John Lamb (Ind) 242

Julia Marianne Yelloly (Green) 99

Thetford Guildhall - three seats

Ray Barker (Lab) 500

Mariusz Gozdek (Lab) 362

Ray Key (Lab) 553

*Robert Kybird (Con) 821

John Rutter (Lib Dem) 307

Margaret Ann Rutter (Lib Dem) 288

*Bryan Skull (Con) 712

*Pam Spencer (Con) 793

Thetford Saxon - three seats

*Sylvia Armes (Lab) 528

Marion Chapman-Alln (Con)397

Denis Melvin Crawford (UKIP) 388

*Terry Jermy (Lab);659

Paul Kybird (Con)383

*Mark Robinson (Con) 409

Yvonne Margaret Rout (Ind) 233

Dennis Sully (Lab) 399

Sandra Elizabeth Walmsley (Green) 146

Bob Waple (Ind)315


*Phil Cowen (Con) 574

Vanessa King (Green) 213


*Robert Childerhouse (Con) 465

David Hodgkinson (Lab)130

Jeffrey Prosser (Green)184


Brett Vale

*Desmond Hugh Keane (Con); 434

Robert James Lindsay (Green). 428


John Finnigan (Lab); 91

*James Alastair Bousfield Long (Ind). 792

Glemsford and Stanstead

Heath Gary Brown (Lab); 203

David John Burch (Con); 397

David William Hayes (Lab); 183

*Rex Wilfred Thake (Ind); 694

Len Young (Ind).611


James William Coleman (Lab); 69

Philip Graham Gibson (Con); 337

*Jack Norman (Ind). 411

Lower Brett

John Patrick Lee Ward (Con); 390

*Sue Wigglesworth (Ind).592

North Cosford

*Clive William Arthey (ND); 601

Gerald Montaque Gould (Lab); 127

Brian Roberto Tora (Con).288