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Liz uses anti-gravity treadmill machine

An innovative exercise machine, the only one of its kind in the area, is helping people recover from injuries and build strength.

The anti-gravity treadmill, AlterG, is based in exclusively in the Physiofixx clinic in Stowmarket.

Liz O’Riordan, a surgeon who has battled breast cancer and who is an avid runner, uses the machine to take pressure off an injured ankle.

Liz O'Riordan on the anti-gravity treadmill with Sue Grainger from Physiofixx. PICTURE: Mecha Morton.
Liz O'Riordan on the anti-gravity treadmill with Sue Grainger from Physiofixx. PICTURE: Mecha Morton.

She said: “It is a great way of running when you have an injury, you feel weightless. It’s been shown to greatly reduce the recovery times in the elderly after orthopaedic operations such as hip and knee replacements. It helps people who have chronic pain start or continue exercising, improve strength and endurance in an ageing population as well as help athletes maintain their fitness whilst recovering from injury.

“I’m about to start using it for an Achilles tendon injury that I got when I started running again after my treatment for locally recurrent breast cancer and it means that I can still get my running fix and carry on training for triathlons whilst my ankle heals. “

The treadmill uses NASA differential air pressure technology to empower people to move without pain.

Jo Stephenson, practice manager of the clinic situated in Cedars Park, said: “I am a runner I use it quite often if I’ve got a big event I’m running there is less risk of injury.”

Users are strapped into a chamber where the machine creates an airtight chamber allowing people to run weightlessly or add or decrease weight as you choose.

The machine can also encourage and help people to lose weight by allowing them to feel their goal weight, and therefore run easier.

Prices start from 30 minutes for £20, any bookings taken during December have a 10 per cent discount.

In January Physiofixx are running a promotion, ‘On the 12th day of Christmas my True Love gave to me a free go on the AlterG’ where they are giving free 20-minute trials all day on January, 2 trying to encourage people to help shift any excess pounds put on over Christmas.

Liz added: “It’s a great way of carrying on running without injuring yourself. It is the only one in this area and it’s not being used enough.”

Football clubs in the area have also saw the benefits of AlterG and have used the machine.

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