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Letters to the editor, February 8, 2019

Distressed owner seeks this lost watch.
Distressed owner seeks this lost watch.


When I turned 21 back in 1990, my mother and late father very kindly gifted me a beautiful 9ct gold Rotary ladies bracelet watch. For the last 28 years I have worn it with pride, up until February 2 this year, when I discovered that I had lost it somewhere between Barton Hill in Fornham St Martin and Bury St Edmunds town centre/outskirts.

To say I am heartbroken is an understatement and so I wish to ask the readers of the Bury Free Press and the people of Bury St Edmunds (and surrounding areas) to please keep an eye out for my watch (see picture, above).

This tiny piece of jewellery means the world to me and its sentimental value is immeasurable.

I have already put up posters, handed out leaflets, contacted the police, Arc Security and given my details to many shops – you may have even seen it on social media!

If anyone can help in any way for us to be reunited I would be eternally grateful and my dream of handing it down to my beautiful daughter, when the time comes, can be fulfilled.

If you have any information please contact me on 01284 725638; the Bury Free Press on 01284 757822 or Bury St Edmunds Police Station on 101. Thank you.

Mrs A Bird

Via email


The Government’s efforts to prevent people from smoking are too heavy-handed and further erode our freedoms. I do not inflict my smoking on the people who object to it. The fact is that the Government has put far too high a level of tax on tobacco and cigarettes (and benefits from it)and makes shops hide the things from view.

From a health point of view, I believe some people are more susceptible to ill-effects than others. I have been smoking all my life and am 76 years of age, without any apparent ill-effects. I could not afford to smoke if I had to buy tobacco in Britain, so every year I take a coach trip to Belgium where it is so much cheaper and buy a year’s supply of tobacco. (It is legal to do so as it is for my own use.) I have been doing so for at least 16 years. Perhaps the Government has been cutting off its nose to spite its face?

There are almost as many different views about smoking as there are about Brexit, and just as extreme. I voted to leave the EU for Britain to have freedom of choice, and the same thing applies to smoking.

John Shayer



I surprisingly gained some comfort after reading on your front page of February 1 that Suffolk Highways had told a school to do their own gritting in wintry weather. I had previously thought that I was the only one they disliked.

I live in Newmarket and I have been campaigning through Suffolk County Council for Highways to care for our footpath on the Snailwell road which is in an awful state because heavy lorries use it as part of the road. I recently had a bad fall on it and strained my groin. Suffolk County Council have no sympathy for me and their chief executive, Nicola Beach, last week instructed her staff to tell me they would not answer my complaints and that I should contact the Local Ombudsman.

I have written to our MP Matt Hancock for help, but so far he does not answer either. Perhaps he also knows an Ombudsman.

I am old and poor and I have noticed that in Newmarket the only people the council and Matt listen to are racehorse trainers and the rich Jockey Club. All horsewalks are kept in pristine condition in contrast to the footpaths next to them. Please don’t come and live in Newmarket unless you have a bob or two and bandy legs.

Arthur Roberts



A big thank-you to the people, on January 18, who stopped to help me when I tripped and fell on the pavement in town, especially the lady who gave up her time to stay with me, and also the policeman; they both helped me to my feet.

I visited A&E with a painful right hand and wrist, also an amazing black eye. No broken bones, but very bruised tissue.

Name and address supplied


I recently opened an account at Google, mainly because of the advanced mapping available.

I have received a report of my movements for the last month.

According to Google, I visited two "cities" - Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket:

I think we should be told more about the new city status of Stowmarket.

K Widdick



Congratulations to Café Rouge in Bury St Edmunds – they must be bucking the trend. Whilst some businesses are finding that trading in the curent economic climate is challenging, this restaurant can afford to turn customers away. I went into this establishment today (January 30) to book a Valentine’s Day meal for myself and my husband to celebrate our 49 years of marriage. However, because I don’t have an email address I could not make a booking, despite the fact that they had my telephone number and they would have been in receipt of a deposit. Not so well done, Café Rouge. I made a reservtaion at the One Bull instead. Easy, no problem there. My money wil spend anywhere.

Mrs L Brown

Bury St Edmunds


Having read Rhoda Morrison’s report (Bury Free Press, February 1) and watched the Dobbins’ story on BBC One in January, I can’t understand why crowd violence is almost exclusively confined to opposingfootball fans.

More often than not, as the fans assemble – unlike any other sport –police, who have far better things to do, have to be drafted in to keep the fragile peace, which on occasion could be likened to a “tinder box” requiring just a spark to set these otherwise normal (?) people at each others’ throats. Only last weekend the match between Bristol City and Swansea City errupted into violence and wanton damage, requiring the police to deploy dogs and mountedofficers to separate rival fans.

I recall many years ago being in fear of my life as a crowd of maraudingfootball fans ran amok through

Fulham (Lillie Road), when all the mounted police could do was to “go with the flow” and hope their presence would keep a lid on any festering trouble.

B Davies

Bury St Edmunds


On January 23 the co-chairs of Thurston Neighbourhood Planning Team (TNPT) along with members of Thurston Parish Council (PC) met with representatives of Persimmon Homes to discuss DC/18/03547 – Re-consultation on the submission of details under outline planning permission 4963/16, relating to appearance, landscaping, layout and scale pursuant to condition 3, for up to 250 dwellings, open space and associated infrastructure on land to the West of Ixworth Road, Thurston – which is going through planning at Mid Suffolk District Council.

The Persimmon representatives were invited to detail the changes they had made to address the substantial objections raised by a number of external bodies, including the PC and TNPT, regarding their original submission.

It became clear that only minor amendment to the original design had been made such as removing a small proportion of parking slots in front of dwellings, adding some visitor parking, changing the position of affordable housing, amending the materials used to face the housing, adding two bungalows and some minor site plan amendments.

The substantive issues raised by the TNPT, the PC and others have not been addressed.

The plan remains one better suited to the urban environment, not a predominant position on the edge of a rural village and does not therefore fit within the context of the village.

The Persimmon representatives indicated that what we were asking for did not fit with the company’s business plan which revolved around high-density housing for the lower end of the market.

This approach is driven by profits over design, sustainability and creativity.

The amended plan does not meet the criteria laid out in the now well-advanced Neighbourhood Plan and would result in an out-of-place development blighting the landscape for years to come.

It is time we made a stand against developers who place their bottom line above the wishes of the community and the good of the environment.

Thurston NeighbourhoodPlan Team


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