Learn to dress with confidence in Bury St Edmunds fashion coaching class

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A fashion expert is helping the ladies of Bury St Edmunds to boost their confidence through their clothes.

On Tuesday, April 7 local fashionista Loraine Callow from Alicia|Kay Style will host a unique fashion coaching class at the Farmers Club, showing women how the clothes they wear can affect the way they feel.

Kay Davidson, Alicia|Kay Style co-founder, said: “With a combined 50 years’ experience, Alicia and I are passionate about helping women look and feel stylish and confident every day.

“We constantly hear women say they ‘have nothing to wear’ or they ‘have lost their way in knowing what suits them’ so what we do is work from the inside out and teach them to have confidence in themselves and their fashion choices.

“It is about achieving harmony between one’s true self and one’s self-image.”

In something far removed from a quick-fix make-over, Alicia and Kay together with their fully-trained stylists will take members on a journey from understanding the little-known basics to making fashion trends work for you and your existing wardrobe.

For more information on Alicia|Kay Style or to become a member visit www.aliciakaystyle.com.