Landlady wins A-board victory

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A LANDLADY has scored a victory in a battle to re-instate an A-board outside her town centre pub.

Joanna Wallace, who runs the St Edmunds Tavern, in Risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, has been awarded a street vending permit to set up the advertising notice.

She was forced to remove a board earlier this year after being told by St Edmundsbury Borough Council that she would need consent for it.

Mrs Wallace, who took over the pub – formerly known as The Rising Sun – last April, has seen a drop in trade since the A-board was removed.

At a meeting of the council’s licensing and regulatory sub-committee on Tuesday, which approved the permit, she said: “One of the main things I have learnt is the lack of contact from the council when you move into a premises about what you are allowed to put up. I’m always happy to work with the council. Bury is a lovely, historic town hence why I’ve taken the pub and any A-board I did put up would be in keeping with the area.”

The meeting heard that the council had only received one previous application for an A-board three to four years ago, which was not approved.

Cllr David Nettleton pointed out that there were at least 60 A-boards in the town centre.

Suffolk County Council does not as a ‘general principle’ permit A-boards in the highway.

However, Guy Smith, the authority’s assistant area highways manager, said a draft highways policy was being drawn up in response to the development of tourism in towns such as Bury to allow one A-board for each premises, which must be securely fixed to the building and allow a minimum of 1.8 metres of free pathway.

Mrs Wallace must now gain planning consent for the A-board, which the sub-committee said must be tethered to the wall and suitably reinforced to prevent it from collapsing.