Lakenheath club closes its doors

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THE ROYAL British Legion Club in Lakenheath has closed its doors after the charity revoked its association to the social hub.

The club, in High Street, Lakenheath, has been told it can no longer operate as a Royal British Legion club and a notice has been posted on the front door saying, ‘Sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control the club is closed’.

The club hosted community groups and events as well as acting as meeting place for Royal British Legion members

David Gathercole, chairman of Lakenheath Parish Council, said: “The social side will be a big loss to the village I do not know how you could go about filling the gap.”

Mr Gathercole said that although the village is also served by a village hall and pavilion, these premises would struggle to fill the gap left by Royal British Legion club as they do not have adequate space available for the extra bookings.

Adrienne Wakeling, County Manager of the Royal British Legion, said: “The main thing is the club is a separate entity to the branch and the branch is carrying on with its activities.

“In Suffolk, we have 12 clubs and 58 branches so lots do not have a designated building.”

Royal British Legion clubs are independent to branches with separate committees running each. The clubs act as a social meeting place where as branches look after the welfare of members and organise the annual poppy appeal.

Mrs Wakeling stressed that the Lakenheath branch’s committee was keen for people not to worry that their would be any disruption to the distribution of welfare to those in need.

Mrs Wakeling did not rule out the possibility of the club reopening independently to the Royal British Legion in the building.

Lakenheath Royal British Legion club committee members were not willing to comment on the closure.