Lakenheath barmaid’s Sober October raises nearly £1K for Macmillan

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A barmaid from Lakeneath went sober for October this year, raising a staggering £900 for a cancer charity.

Ann Frase, 31, works in the Brewers Tap in the town and decided to participate in Sober October to raise money for Macmillan.

She has far outstripped her target of £600, collecting a total of £892 for the charity.

“I’m a barmaid myself, and most of the locals I serve said they wouldn’t be able to do it,” she said.

“It was really amazing support I got. People were so generous, my friends, family and customers.”

Ann, who lives in Lakenheath, donated all her tips and all the money customers gave her for drinks at the pub during the month.

“In total I raised nearly £65 from work, and I also put in £40 myself - it’s just the same as having a few pints on a Friday night, really,” she said.

Ann, who has had friends who have suffered from cancer, said it was a ‘great feeling’ to smash her £600 target.

“I have had friends who have passed away or have gone through chemotherapy, and I just wanted to do my bit,” she said.

“It’s not a big deal not drinking for a month, but Macmillan and the work it does is a big deal.

“It is a heart-breaking illness, so I just wanted to raise as much money and awareness as possible.”

Ann received her certificate from Macmillan this week after sending off her donations.

Her brother was her biggest sponsor, but her parents, grandparents and aunt also contributed to the charity kitty.

“They all said it was really good of me to do it. My mum was really proud, and it is all for a good cause,” Ann added.