Labour to ‘invest in Suffolk’s future’

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The Suffolk Labour Group has drafted five key messages to ‘invest in Suffolk’s future’.

The party are fielding 75 candidates in May’s county elections and has opted to publish their election pledges on campaign literature rather than a manifesto.

They are:

n Education - investing in the future by fighting to build up the School Improvement programme and youth advice services

n Concessionary fares - help people play an active role in society by backing the reintroduction of concessionary travel for people in education, training or doing voluntary work.

n Unemployment - getting Suffolk back to work by promoting county investment in construction and other projects creating jobs in Suffolk.

n Privatising and divesting - councillors will fight to defend public services.

n Cuts - making Suffolk a ‘caring council not a cutting council’

Cllr Sandy Martin, leader of the Labour Group, said he expected to make a breakthrough increasing their current tally of four councillors to between 20 to 25.

He said: “Our biggest problem is recognition because a lot of our candidates are going to be standing for the first time. I think we’re going to do well with the Labour message which is investing in the future.”