Knocking up gnocchi with experts

gnocchi making class at Carluccios
gnocchi making class at Carluccios
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IF you are going to learn the secrets of Italian cooking you want to do it young and gets tips from the experts.

That is what 10 youngsters were able to do when they went to a ‘kids gnocchi class’ at Carluccios restaurant in Bury St Edmunds’ arc last Thursday.

The restaurant has held school holiday classes before but, surprisingly, this was the first time the theme was a classic Italian dish.

General manager Stuart Day said: “We’ve done biscuit-making and decorating but this is the first time we’ve done gnocchi.”

The little Italian potato dumplings have a reputation for being difficult to cook, but Mr Day said: “If eight-year-olds can do them, anyone can. They can be easily overcooked, though – they don’t take long.”

Though they are usually served with a savoury pasta sauce, the young chefs were also able to try them with a sweet sauce. As well as tasting their efforts in the restaurant, they took some home for their families to try.

The next childrens class will be a focaccia baking on August 8, which will be the first of a series of summer holiday events.

n Cook’s tip: Boil gnocchi a few at a time and remove them from the water as soon as they float.