Jungle calls disturb the peace of yoga class

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Constant jungle birds calls are disturbing the peace of yoga, pilates and relaxation sessions at a wellbeing centre, its director says.

Carole Baker of the Selfe Centre, Moreton Hall, objects to a bird scarer at Glasswell’s Removals next door making tropical sounds every few minutes.

“They’ve turned it down a little but it’s really distracting,” she said. “It’s not neighbourly and its not necessary”

As she spoke three jackdaws arrived in the canopy of Glasswell’s loading bay and were not disturbed.

“In summer you want the windows open,” Ms Baker said.

Paul Glasswell, managing director, said they were trying to stop birds damaging customers’ property.

“I don’t see that this particular thing is a nuisance,” he said. “But having said that we will continue to see what other things we can do to deter the birds.”