Jeremy Hunt says ‘well done’ to West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Staff at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust celebrating an outstanding CQC rating

The Secretary of Health has congratulated the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust on their ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating.

Jeremy Hunt took to Twitter last week to highlight the ‘extraordinary achievement’ and pass on his and the Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, congratulations to the trust, after being told of its progress by the area’s MPs, Jo Churchill and James Cartlidge.

“You have done something very special,” he said, addressing the trust.

“You have shown that despite all the pressure the NHS has been under this winter, and in fact really throughout the year, it’s possible to give the very highest standards of care available anywhere in the world.

“You have really turned heads across the country by what you have achieved.”

Mr Hunt also praised the trust’s appointment of a public health consultant to help understand individual patient needs and that of a Macmillan’s education nurse to improve the caring nature of its services.

The trust is the 15th in the whole of the NHS to receive the rating.

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