Jayne’s silence is golden for heroes

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CHATTY Jayne Bullock has turned a challenge into a fund-raiser, but she’s keeping quiet about it.

Jayne, of Linnet Road, Bury St Edmunds, hopes to stay quiet for 12 hours to raise money for Help for Heroes.

“Everyone says I talk a lot,” she said. “My other half said if I could shut up for 12 hours he’d give me £100, so I said I would for Help for Heroes. I wanted to help the soldiers.”

She plans to do it on February 26 at her local, The Priors pub, between noon and midnight. The pub has sponsorship forms and collecting tins and regulars have been signing up to sponsor her effort.

“I’ve got one lad sponsoring me with a day’s wages to do it for 12 hours,” she said. “Someone is sponsoring me for £43. It’s an odd amount but he asked a girl next to him how old she was and said he’d give that.”

To help remind her to keep quiet, she plans to tape her mouth shut, though our bit of tape did not stop her asking questions.

“Well, if someone comes in and says ‘hello’ you’re going to say ‘how’re you going’ automatically, aren’t you?” she argued.

She also plans to wear combat fatigues for the silence.