Jack the dog helps Gedding owner get a holiday and a degree

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Not only has Abbie Lawrence’s dog Jack helped her through university, he has won them both a holiday.

Abbi, 38, from Gedding, is so grateful to Jack, a Jack Russell cross, that she has also nominated him for the 2017 Kennel Club Eukanuba Friends for Life award.

A picture of Jack with a wheelbarrow full of autumn leaves has won Abbi £250 towards a pet-friendly cottage break and a bespoke goody bag for Jack in last-minute cottage provider Snaptrip’s latest photo competition.

But not only did he support her in gardening chores, he was also her doggy safety valve as she coped with doing a Child Health Nursing Degree at the University of Suffolk.

Three-year-old Jack sensed Abbi’s emotions and comforted her during the three-year course, giving her the confidence to complete it by helping her remain positive when the course became too much.

She said: “I struggle to read and understand things as quickly as others, so when I was stressed and upset he would come running over and comfort me.

“I would love him to be recognised for what he has done for me. I started two courses in the past and never finished it, so to get through this is down to him.”

The pair will be hoping for a trip to the Kennel Club’s Eukanuba Friends for Life showpiece on Sunday March 12 at Birmingham’s NEC arena.

The competition celebrates dogs who have truly earned the title of man’s best friend, through bravery, support or companionship.