Inspectors will determine contentious Kentford housing plan

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The fight to build more than 100 houses on a stud in Kentford will be taken to appeal on September 17.

The applicant, Ann Gurney, has proposed 102 dwellings be built at Meddler Stud, in Bury Road, including affordable housing.

More than 30 objections were lodged against the plan from village residents, parish councils and groups associated with the horse racing industry.

In June Forest Heath District Council’s development control committee voted to refuse the plans prior to them going to the inspector.

Among the council’s arguments against the proposal is that the land is of value to the horse racing industry.

The applicant will argue that the land can be of minimal use to the industry and the development should be approved.

In the absence of a five year land allocation for housing Ms Gurney will argue that Forest Heath District Council should grant permission unless the adverse impacts of doing so would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

The council will argue that it is in the process of creating a five year plan and approval of the scheme would pre-empt this process.

The site has already been reduced from its original size in an effort to prevent the damage of potential archeological finds.

The appeal will be determined by The Planning Inspectorate.