Ingham kit car maker opens workshop to visitors

The DeHavilland DTV GT
The DeHavilland DTV GT
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If you dream of owning a classic Ferrari Dino 206GTS but cannot afford £250,000, visit the DeHavilland Motor Company’s open day tomorrow.

The two-year-old kit car company is opening the doors of its Old Station House, Ingham, workshop so enthusiasts and would-be customers can see its Dino replica and meet those who own them.

Chief executive Terry Groves said:” This is very much a day for car lovers and it is something unique to this area. It is great that we can trade with such prestigious vehicles in this area and that there is still a market for these top of the range cars.

“There will be enthusiasts in attendance from all over the UK and beyond.”

He is also offering a 20 per cent discount until the end of November.

The DeHavilland DVT GT uses MG TF mechanical components in a composite body on a steel chassis.

It is supplied either as a kit, in various stages of assembly, to which you add the MG parts yourself, or Terry says you can hand over your donor car and they will do the job, with a factory-built DVT costing £33,750.

Though the DVT with the 160bhp 1.8 litre MG engine has 30bhp less than the Dino, which Ferrari built from 1968 to 1976, it is slightly lighter so acceleration is about the same at around 7sec to 60mph. The Dino is about 10mph faster at 148mph, though.

The open day is from 10am to 4,30pm.