Ingham driver may have been travelling at 100mph before fatal crash

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A motorist from Ingham may have been travelling at up to 100mph when he collided with a parked lorry, an inquest has heard.

Marc Parkin, 50, suffered major injuries in the impact beside the A134 at Fornham St Martin on March 4 and died three days later without regaining consciousness.

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001

An inquest at Bury heard on Monday that an accident investigation could not rule out that the crash had been a deliberate act.

Mr Parkin had been at the wheel of a BMW car which two witnesses reported seeing travelling very fast, one estimated up to 100mph.

No skid marks or signs of violent braking were found at the scene and there were no faults with the BMW.

In his accident report, Pc Rick Godden said his findings were consistent with the BMW having travelled at speed, possibly as high as 100mph, and it was ‘plausible’ the collision had been a deliberate act.

Lorry driver Paul Jerrold, who had been parked in an unofficial layby beside the A134, said he felt a heavy jolt and then saw the car ‘cartwheeling’ across the road before coming to rest on its wheels.

Pc Godden said the lorry’s articulated trailer was pushed four metres as the BMW struck it on the rear wheels with some of the resulting debris landing inside the trailer.

Mr Parkin was cut from the wreckage by emergency services and taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge where he later died.

A post-mortem examination concluded that his death had been due to traumatic brain and other injuries.

In a statement, Michael Ramsey, a lorry driver who was forced to stop suddenly when the BMW came to a sudden halt ahead of him, said the driver appeared to be ‘frantically’ selecting a gear and then sped away.

Moments later he and a colleague travelling behind him came upon the scene of the accident.

Simon Tippett, another lorry driver who saw the crash, said the BMW had driven directly at the trailer of the parked lorry.

“I would describe it as like a missile,” he said.

Deputy Suffolk Coroner Dr Daniel Sharpstone said Mr Parkin’s daughter Emma had spoken of her father having suffered from depression after sustaining a significant brain injury in a road accident in 1985.

Miss Parkin said that in the days leading up to the crash her father had been feeling low and a suicide note had been found by his family.

Dr Sharpstone said he was unable to reach a firm conclusion of what had happened and recorded an open verdict.