Illegal parking on Angel Hill to be targeted by police

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Drivers who park illegally in spaces reserved for coaches and deliveries on Bury’s Angel Hill are being warned they face fines as part of a crack down on the problem.

The practice means that the businesses in the street can encounter difficulties taking deliveries, as loading bays are blocked by cars, and has led to a coach firm refusing to bring tourists to the town as the coach bay is often obstructed.

In an effort to stamp out the problem Mark Cordell, chief executive of Ourburystedmunds, has met with police to ensure parking restrictions on Angel Hill are enforced.

“The police have told me that they will start issuing tickets after Easter to cars that are still parking illegally,” said Mr Cordell.

“I want to give people a chance to avoid being fined, if perhaps they don’t realise that they should not be parking where they do.

“I will be writing to local businesses and residents around Angel Hill to make them aware of this and will also ensure that letters are left on the offending vehicles asking them to park elsewhere.”

Parking on Angel Hill is only permitted in the marked bays and notices in the area indicate when restrictions apply.