Identical triplet boys born to Mildenhall parents against odds of two million to one

Three identical triplet boys Eden, Nial and Ross, with their mother Clare Sansom
Three identical triplet boys Eden, Nial and Ross, with their mother Clare Sansom
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The proud parents of three of Mildenhall’s smallest residents recently made a big discovery – their 10-month-old triplet sons are identical.

Mum Clare Sansom, gave birth to her three youngest sons two months early last November and recently applied to King’s College, London, for a special DNA test.

The ‘zygosity’ test results showed Ross, Nial, and Eden to be identical triplets, a situation so rare that Clare said the lack of research into it makes statistics inaccurate.

“After a lot of research, my husband and I reckon the odds are between 600,000 and two million to one,” she said.

“The boys looked identical to everbody else, but we wanted to know very strongly for their own identity. It is nice to have conclusive evidence.”

Clare, a nurse at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and husband Michael discovered she was carrying triplets during her 12-week scan at Newmarket Hospital.

“It was a complete and utter shock to us. We were overwhelmed, but over the moon,” said Clare.

The couple were told it was highly unlikely all three children would be born healthy, if they were born at all.

Clare said: “We were offered a selective termination, but we instantly decided that was not an option for us.”

Clare had scans every two weeks at the Rosie Hospital, in Cambridge, with a specialist from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital checking for heart defects, something from which the boys’ three-year-old brother Rhys suffers.

She was also given steroids in the last two weeks of her pregnancy to boost the growth of the babies’ lungs.

She went into labour at 3am on November 8 and gave birth at the Rosie Hospital just three hours later.

Builder Michael has since transformed their kitchen into a playroom and has plans for a play area in the garden.

Clare said: “Every day we look at them and are so thankful that all our prayers and all the tears we shed for them to be healthy have paid off.”