Huge crowds welcome torch in Bury

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The relay drew loud cheers in Westgate Street where a huge crowd had gathered in anticipation of its arrival.

Some people brought chairs on to the street in front of their houses while others hung out of windows as they prepared for the rare sight of the ‘Torch kiss’.

Waiting to see the Torch for the third time was Mike and Shirley Perry, from Elsmwell, who had seen it previously in Felixstowe and Wickham Market.

“One of the reasons we came back is because it was such a happy atmosphere at the other two places - people really seemed to enjoy themselves,” said Mike, 68.

Dan Smith, from Bury St Edmunds, was with partner Lisa, sister Dani and mum Dawn, for the occasion.

Ahead of its arrival, Dan said: “I can’t wait. I’ve really been looking forward to it - it’ll only come once so we may as well make the most of it.”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” said Teri Stocks, from Bury.

Richard Fitzsimons, a trustee at Bury St Edmunds drink and drugs charity Focus 12, posed for pictures with spectators while waiting for the Torch to arrive.

He then carried the Flame to the Greene King brewery where, after a brief stop, it was on its way again towards Angel Hill, where thousands were waiting to greet the Torch.