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Greater Anglia improve Delay Repay, allowing Bury St Edmunds passengers to claim after 15 minute wait

By Newsdesk Bury

Rail passengers delayed for 15 minutes will be able to claim compensation from April 1, when new arrangements kick in.

Greater Anglia, franchise holder for the Bury St Edmunds line, currently offer Delay Repay for anyone delayed 30 minutes or more.

Passengers delayed by 15 to 29 minutes will be able to claim back 25 per cent of their single rail fare, or 12.5 per cent of a return ticket.

Greater Anglia will be making the change from April 1
Greater Anglia will be making the change from April 1

How to claim?

Greater Anglia ask customers to present their ticket in making a claim as evidence of purchase.

Details from the ticket can be filled out online to make a claim.

Alternatively a form can be collected from a station to be completed by post.

Claims must be made within 28 days of purchase.

Greater Anglia will make a compensation within 14 days if they accept your claim.

If not, you are able to submit an appeal.

Jamie Burles, Managing Director for Greater Anglia said: “We’re delighted to be able to provide better compensation, with the launch of Delay Repay 15 from next month and we are sure it will be welcomed by our customers.

“We’ve worked in close partnership with the Department for Transport to offer this significant benefit during the existing franchise as soon as possible, meeting our customers’ aspirations to see this upgrade earlier than expected.”

It will still be possible to claim back 50 per cent for a single ticket when a journey is delayed by 30 to 59 minutes, or 25 per cent on a return.

Anyone looking to make a claim must keep their ticket
Anyone looking to make a claim must keep their ticket

For delays of an hour, passengers can claim 100 per cent back on a single, or 50 per cent back on a return. And for more than two hours, 100 per cent compensation is possible for both single and return tickets.

Greater Anglia’s latest punctuality figures stood at around 90 per cent.

Mr Burles added: “It’s all part of a wider transformation of train service standards in East Anglia that sees us bringing in a complete fleet of brand-new trains across our entire network over the next two years, with the first new trains due in service later this year.

“We’re fully focused on improving punctuality and reliability, in collaboration with Network Rail, but customers will now be able to claim compensation for any delays of 15 minutes and over, when things do go wrong.”

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