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ARCHIVES - Piece on the Titanic Disaster from the BFP
ARCHIVES - Piece on the Titanic Disaster from the BFP
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TODAY the Bury Free Press’ 1912 report of the Titanic disaster seems oddly understated.

At that time no priority was given to big news, it was just fitted into any space on a page.

So, on Saturday April 20, 1912, under a headline a mere 3mm high, the world’s worst ever peacetime sea disaster gets less than half a column alongside a three column report of the latest operatic society performance.

Even the number of dead is left to line 22 of the story, well below the number of mail bags carried. But, in fairness, report is mostly based on radio messages from rescue ships and the Carpathia was not due to dock with survivors in New York until the morning it was written.

The next week we carried reports of several church memorial services and Bury St Edmunds’ mayor’s support of the Daily Mail Titanic widows’ fund.