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How to create better word-of-mouth marketing

Kim Morrison
Kim Morrison

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest form of marketing that exists, and it’s still very effective.

In fact, one of the best ways to get more clients for any business owner is to increase your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. People trust hearing from those whom they know, or respect, or have other connections with more than they trust a specific type of advertisement.

So let’s look at the best ways to do this:


If you want your current customers or contacts to give you referrals, it is important that you tell them that is what you want. The more you tell your contacts that you want them to recommend you to others, the more likely they are to do it. Don’t be shy about this! If you’ve provided a good service then customers are only too pleased to refer you.


A great way to ensure that you get the right type of referrals is to tell your customers and contacts exactly what type of clients you are looking for. That way they can be sure to tell the right people about you and your products and/or services.


The more you can offer to everyone you come into contact with, even if you cannot service them directly, the more you’ll be seen as a resource to others. They will then trust enough in your skill to recommend people who can be your actual clients.


There is nothing wrong with providing some incentives to your contacts to recommend you to others. You can do it before or after the fact. Some people have successfully given coupons and discounts to those who have recommended them, with great results.


Ask for testimonials from your currently satisfied clients to share with your social media followers, website visitors, and within your sales pages. Once you receive a testimonial there are many ways in which you can use them to get more business.


One way to really catch your word-of-mouth marketing on fire is to build a community of customers who can speak with authority about your awesome services.


A really fabulous way to create momentum in your word-of-mouth marketing is to open an affiliate programme for customers only. They are the ones who can really speak to the level and quality of the services you offer.


Many people with whom you have casual contact through networking events can be a wonderful resource for referrals. There are many networking groups that you can join to help you get the word out. Remember that networking should be a two-way street and you should reciprocate by using and recommending other networkers’ services.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing available and one of the least expensive. All you have to do is live up to your reputation and continue to under promise and over deliver so that your clients are thrilled by your products and services enough to keep the word-of-mouth going.



Facebook is testing a new way “to give people additional context on the articles they see in News Feed… [and] provide people some of the tools they need to make an informed decision about which stories to read, share, and trust.

Facebook Tests Facial Recognition to Access Accounts: On the heels of Apple’s recently announced Face ID security feature on the recently debuted iPhone X, Facebook announced it’s testing “a way to regain access by using your face to verify your identity.”

Facebook detailed several updates intended to strengthen its ads review process, policies, and enforcement. These changes include “greater transparency for people and accountability for advertisers… [with] new tools that will allow you to see the other ads a Page is running as well” and taking “aggressive steps” toward strengthening both the automated and manual review process for ads.

Facebook appears to have added a designation to groups that tags and highlights new members. It also features a new prompt that suggests admins “write a post to welcome them” to the group and will automatically tag each individual within the post.

Facebook is rolling out additional advertising objectives for brands using Messenger to promote branded chatbots and other “conversational campaigns.” These objectives include the ability to target users based on increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and driving store visits.


Twitter announced it’s testing an expanded 280-character limit for select languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, to allow users to share their thoughts without running out of room in the tweet.


Instagram announced that it now reaches 800 million monthly active users, up from 700 million as reported in April 2017, and currently boasts 500 million daily active users.

Instagram introduced new interactive poll stickers that allow users to “ask a question and see results from [their] friends and followers as they vote” in real time.

Instagram is testing the ability for brands and retailers to sell products directly on the platform with deeper Shopify integration called Shopping on Instagram.

Instagram has added a new beam of light face filter for Instagram Stories and Direct on both iOS and Android.

Last month, Instagram began testing the ability to push photos and videos created with Instagram’s in-app camera to Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories simultaneously.


LinkedIn is testing a new overlay option that allows event and conference attendees to add location-based filters to videos created within the LinkedIn app.

LinkedIn is developing Talent Insights, an upcoming self-service tool that gives recruiters “direct access to rich data on talent pools and companies” and empowers them to “manage talent more strategically.”


Snap Inc. launched several virtual art installations through augmented reality on Snapchat in partnership with the artist Jeff Koons, and invites other artists to submit their portfolio for future consideration.

napchat launched Snap Accelerate, a new initiative aimed at helping venture capital-backed startups to kickstart and scale their advertising efforts on Snapchat.

In celebration of its sixth birthday, Snap Inc. announced it will be adding new Sky Filters, which bring “an entirely new set of filters… designed to detect the sky in your photos and offer a carousel of effects that can then alter the sky’s appearance” in the Snapchat app.


YouTube added new requirements for external links from videos. YouTube creators may now only direct viewers to weblinks using cards if the site is currently associated with their YouTube channel and the creator is a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

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