Housing scheme wins approval

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A MAJOR housing development of 51 homes in Chedburgh has been approved by St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

The new-build, on the former Brocks firework factory in Bury Road, will include 17 units of affordable housing.

The project will also include 2.6 hectares of public open space including car parking for residents.

The site will see a range of one to five bedroom homes being built and an allocation of 17 one to three bedroom homes built as affordable housing.

The scheme raised some safety issues with regard to accessing the new estate which delayed the scheme that was first mooted 17 months ago.

Margaret Rickard, vice- chairman of Chedburgh Parish Council, speaking before yesterday’s meeting, said: “I don’t think people in the area really want the village to double in size.

“Villagers do realise however that developments have to take place.

“From the villagers’ point of view we want to have affordable housing but think they should be affordable housing first for people in the village.

“I know people who want to live in the village but at the moment do not have enough money to afford putting their foot on the property ladder.

“There needs to be something done about the access areas on the estate though.

“I think we all feel it is essential there is a footpath from the village to the estate.

“There is a primary school in the village but to access it you would have to walk along the narrow footpath next to the A143.”

At the meeting, John Popham, for Havebury Housing Partnership, said: “The important thing is that we are getting 17 houses for the village. They are going to be the first thing built on the site.

“They are the opening part of the development and will be used for public sector housing.

Havebury are very pleased that the aplication has finally gone through.”