House sale continues after property crash

The house after the collapse
The house after the collapse
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With the sale of a farm cottage agreed, Chris Scott thought everything was going as normal until the vendors called to say it had fallen down.

Chris, a branch partner at Abbotts in Bury St edmunds, had organised an open house launch to put the cottage near Thelnetham on the market and had a lot of interest, so the sale was quickly agreed.

The house before  the collapse

The house before the collapse

“It was being bought as a renovation project,” Chris said. “It had been in the same family for years – the vendors had been brought up there but had built a bungalow, so it was surplus to requirements.

Then they called to say it had collapsed.

“I’ve been selling houses for 35 years and have never known anything like it,” Chris said. “In fact, I’ve never known a house fall down, but this looks like there’s been an explosion.

“The sellers were more concerned than the buyers, but I arranged for them to meet on site.”

The buyers agreed to go ahead with agreement they had made when it still looked like a house instead one of the three little pigs homes after the big bad wolf called.

Chris said: “It is a credit to the buyer that they stuck to the original agreement. They are effectively getting a plot of land instead of a house.

The house is partly of ‘clay lump’ construction which is an East Anglian way of building with mud blocks, used between about 1800 and 1930.