Horse death Inquest hears that helper had no formal training

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The inquest into the death of Carole Bullett heard this morning from Sally Tyrrell who was in charge of the horse which bolted into crowds at Nowton Park last June.

Mrs Bullett, 57, of Clark Walk, Bury St Edmunds died from the injuries she received after she was struck and run over by the horse and carriage which had been operating at Nowton Country Fair.

A statement by Miss Tyrrell,read to the inquest by coroner Peter Dean, said that she had never been on a formal training course or had a driver’s assessment for driving a horse and carriage.

Duncan Dry, who ran the horse and carriage rides, had given her some basic driving lessons for a short time. He had not given her any health and safety instructions the inquest jury was told.

The horse Lucas was well behaved did not put a foot wrong and was happy. She said: “Lucas didn’t react to dogs barking, children shouting, loud noises or anything else during the day.”

Mr Dry told her to take off the bridle and bit so that Lucas could eat hay.

She had been upset by the incident. “I didn’t sleep or eat during the first week after the incident. I still get flashbacks of the lady hit by Lucas and the carriage running over her”

Miss Tyrrell, 23, had begun working for Mr Drye in February 2011.

She had attended Otley college and received training based on horse care and riding.