Horringer residents could be back online tomorrow

Stock image of an Openreach van doing work
Stock image of an Openreach van doing work
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Villagers in Horringer who have been without internet or phone service for more than two weeks could soon be up and running again.

As many as 15 homes have reportedly been without a phone line or broadband since December 6 when a horse box came loose from a vehicle and knocked over a telegraph pole in Westley Lane.

Resident Anne-Marie Howell said she raised a fault with telecommunications company BT the same day and was told it would be fixed by 5pm on December 8. But that did not happen.

She also escalated the matter to a customer complaints’ team and asked if any alternative provision could be put in place, but she has not had any success.

“We live in a rural area and the homes affected include privately run businesses who are losing income through loss of broadband, on-call GPs, people who work from home and vulnerable residents who rely on emergency cords connected to the phone line to alert of any falls/incidents,” she said.

She added: “They have been able to give us no information as to when this issue will be resolved. This would be unacceptable at any time of year, but is particularly hard for the elderly, the vulnerable and businesses during the Christmas period.”

But today a spokesman for Openreach, the BT subsidiary which is responsible for the pipes and telephone cables that connect most homes to the national broadband and telephone network, told the Bury Free Press Anne-Marie and her neighbours should be back online tomorrow.

He said: “We are doing all we can to get this repair works completed as quickly as possible and barring any unforeseen incidents, customers should start to see service restored tomorrow (December 21).”