Homes scheme would ‘double size of village’

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PLANS to build 200 homes and a large area of employment space in Stowmarket have been put forward to Mid Suffolk District Council.

The plans, part of a wider proposal to build 1,000 homes, a recreation area, open public spaces and a primary school, were submitted in April by developer Taylor Wimpey.

The homebuilder has requested a scoping report to find out from Mid Suffolk District Council just what information it needs to provide in its Environmental Statement.

The proposed development, which will border Shepherds Lane and the A14, includes 200 dwellings, 5,700 sqft of employment space, public open space, play areas and infrastructuire such as roads and drainage systems.

But Onehouse Parish Council has raised concerns about the development, saying the build will reduce the amount of green public space in the area – which, it says, is in deficit of around 26 football pitches already. The parish council also argues that the lack of green space will have an impact on the identity of the village.

Ron Raisey, chairman of Onehouse Parish Council, said: “As a parish council we are objecting not agaist the housing in general, but the total volume of it. If the development was all kept within Stowmarket we would not mind, the town needs new development. It is the scale of the build that we object to.

“The majority of the build will be within the parish of Onehouse, which will double the size of the village. Onehouse is designated as a secondary village by Mid Suffolk District Council which, according to its standards, means it should only be used for infill not new developments.

“Our other concern is that they are going to build on the sports grounds, and there is already a lack of sports fields in the area.

“The new development just seems like too much, too fast,” said Cllr Raisey.