High tech option is on the cards for market trader

Darren Old now has a cards website as well as his market stall
Darren Old now has a cards website as well as his market stall
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If you want to buy cards from Darren Old you can now do it the traditional way or the high tech way.

Darren’a card stall has ben a regular feature of Bury St Edmunds market for more than 12 years but he has now launched a website.

Darren Old's website

Darren Old's website

“Shopping habits have changed,” he said. “People say ‘I wish I known you did that, I’ve bought it on the internet’ and it’s not just the younger generation.

“I’m surprised at how many 50-pluses have said they by this or that on the internet. This is reaching out to the people who don’t use the market”

He has called it www.boofycards.com because his daughter Isobel, now four, could not say ‘beautiful’ so when she saw a card she liked she said it was a ‘boofy card’.

Darren added: “At the moment we’re starting with cards, baloons, banners and social stationery.

“We’re aiming to be able to sell and deliver for the same prices that we sell at in the market. If you buy three cards, you’ll get free second class delivery. You can pay more for faster delivery.”

He said the site has been designed to be easy to use and has been set up so partially sighted users using software that reads web pages aloud will also read out what it says on the fronts and insides of cards.

The site also allows you to search for cards by age, event, sex or relationship.