High hopes for Simon in 2012

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AFTER a hugely successful 2011 which saw him win the Bury St Edmunds Songwriting competition and release his debut album, 18-year-old Simon Lucas-Hughes is excited about what 2012 will bring.

Simon, from Wickham St Paul near Sudbury, has been playing to an audience since he was just 13 years old with band Apricot Jam.

Forming Rollback Republic at age 15, Simon progressed in his song writing using his home studio to create his own sound inspired by indie, rock and electro.

Last year, Simon won the Bury Songwriting Competition winning the chance to record an album with producer Richard Clarke at The Shrubbery recording studio.

All the time, Sometimes was released at a bash attended by mpore than 100 fans at The Apex on December 21.

And Simon said this year his aim is to push on with his solo career and to get himself signed to a record label.

He said: “I am getting a band together at the moment and would like to play some gigs in London.

“Winning the Bury St Edmunds song writing competition was really good - a definite highlight of the year.

“When I won the competition I had only written one or two tracks.

“I hadn’t really got much material and then had to write a 10-track album - it was hard work.”

Simon says he loves performing on stage, but it is the writing of music and recording that he enjoys most.

He said: “When I am writing I record it all straight away - I have a mini studio set up at home.

“I find when it comes to recording it can often be quite frustrating though, getting what you hear in your head to sound right as a recording can be very difficult.

“Performing can be very fun but I love the writing and creating lyrics most.

“I would love to do this as a living.

“I am at art school at the moment but for a really long time I have wanted to be a musician.

“One day I would love to play with really big bands like Radiohead.”