Heavy rain and high winds blast county

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SUFFOLK has been blasted by heavy rain and gale force winds of up to 50mph today.

The Met Office have set a yellow warning and advise people out and about to be aware of damaged trees and problems on the roads.

Day two of the Suffolk show was cancelled earlier this morning because of concerns about public safety due to the predicted gale force winds.

Sarah Holland from the Met Office said: “The area is on a yellow warning at the moment.

“We are going to see some strong winds up to 50mph in coastal areas later on today - it is unusual to see winds of this strength this time of year.

“The south west has seen gale force winds and it is gradually making its way across the country.

“It is certainly an unpleasant day today but the winds will gradually go away over night.

“Because there may be damage to trees we are advising if people are out and about to be aware of that and to take notice of local traffic and road reports.”

Suffolk police are advising drivers to be extra careful on the roads during the bad weather.

A spokesman said: “With heavy rain and high winds, there are precautions that you should take, as roads can become flooded and spray becomes a hazard to road users.

“Increase your distance from the vehicle in front to allow for a longer braking distance and be prepared to move further back if your visibility gets worse.

“Beware of slippery road surfaces. Watch out for puddles and areas of flooding.”

But the outlook for the weekend looks better with winds dropping away tonight.

Sarah Holland said: “Tomorrow will be quite dry but cloudy with temperatures of around 15 to 16 degrees.

“On Sunday there will be mix of sunshine and showers but the winds will drop away.”