Vital phone link faulty for week

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FOR Christopher Kennedy the telephone is literally a lifeline, but he has been without his for nearly a week.

Mr Kennedy is a former cancer patient and has angina so he wears an alarm he can press at anytime, anywhere in his Winthrop Road, Bury St Edmunds, home to summon help.

But for that to work, he must have a working landline and that stopped working on Friday. Repeated calls to his service provider TalkTalk over the weekend and on Monday failed to produce a repair.

“I was with BT for 30 years, then signed up for TalkTalk because I was told it was cheaper,” he said. “Since then I’ve had problems where I haven’t had a phone service on occasions, but not as long as this.

“I’ve spent nearly £70 on my mobile. Every time I phone TalkTalk it’s costing 37p a minute.”

TalkTalk’s customer service department is on an 0870 number which is free from TalkTalk lines only.

When he called them on Tuesday evening he says he was told it would be another 72 to 96 hours before it would be fixed.

“The situation is insufferable,” he said. “They just don’t seem to understand the importance of it all.”

But within a few hours of the Bury Free Press calling TalkTalk on Wednesday, an executive had called Mr Kennedy promising the phone would be fixed by 5pm. However, repairs are carried out by BT Openreach technicians and a BT spokesman said they only received notification of the fault from TalkTalk just after 3pm on Wednesday.

At 11am yesterday, Mr Kennedy was still without a phone. A spokeswoman for TalkTalk said yesterday: “An engineer is going out to look. We’re trying to get this resolved as soon as possible. I can’t comment until we have a final resolution.”

Asked if TalkTalk would pay Mr Kennedy compensation, she said: “I’m sure we will.”