Three marathons in 18 hours

Dan Swanson running to Dubai
Dan Swanson running to Dubai
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THE clouds had a silver lining for Richard Buss and Dan Swanson when they did a long distance run for charity.

The pair planned to run the equivalent of three marathons in the heat of Dubai three daily stages but when they got there the desert skies had clouded over, so they did 78 miles as one 18 hour run.

Richard said: “The first marathon wasn’t as hard as we expected so we just carried on. The fortunate thing was a lot of cloud cover. It was still about 24 degrees, but the sun was behind the clouds all the time. It was like a cloudy British summer day.”

Getting enough water was still a hassle, especially as it meant crossing the equivalent of a motorway carriageway to get it.

Richard, 32, and Dan, 34, are managers for the Wetheringsett medical furniture makers Plinth 2000 and were heading for Dubai for an international healthcare exhibition, but ran from Abu Dhabi airport. For most of the route they ran along the wide, tree-lined central reservation of the main road.

“You were constantly stopping to empty sand out of your trainers,” Richard said. “But there was no real problem until the last 14 or 15 miles when we entered the city, which slowed us down.“

They hope to raise £4,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Donations can be made at