Life saving rescue doctor wins national award

Dr Andy Mason
Dr Andy Mason
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A pioneering doctor who developed a living saving technique for accident victims has received a prestigious national award.

Dr Andy Mason who lives in Norton and who developed the PALM technique to get oxygen into accident victims has been presented with the Asmund S. Laerdal Award.

Dr Mason is only the 20th person to receive the award since it started in 1984.

He is now ranked alongside Prof Frank Pantridge who developed mobile defbrilators, Prof Douglas Chamberlain who designed their use in the community, and Dr Kenneth Easton who founded the UK’s first voluntary accident rescue service.

“When I look at the list of people that have received this award I am quite humbled that they consider me worthy enough to be included among their ranks,” said Dr Mason.

“It is not awarded every year – they only give it when they feel they have someone worthy.”

Dr Mason, a volunteer with the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS), has been working on the PALM technique for 15 years.

It involves giving a sedative and inserting an airway tube to help accident victims – who are often trapped and unconscious – to breathe.

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