John conquers peak dreams

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A COMPLEMENTARY therapist based in Moreton Hall has helped a 40-year-old man to realise his dream of climbing the highest mountain in Greece.

Inspired by adventurer and TV’s Born Survivor Bear Grylls, John Harrison, from Rattlesden, had always wanted to climb the 2,918 metres of Mount Olympus.

But like Bear, who suffered severe back pain after a parachuting accident, John was thwarted by back and knee pain that almost ended his climbing dreams.

When he discovered that Bear used Bowen, a gentle remedial therapy, to tackle his aches and pains, John decided to try it for himself.

He was introduced to Anita Costello, a qualified Bowen therapist who operates from the Moreton Hall Health Club, in Mount Road.

John, who made the climb last month, said: “I could not believe that just one treatment could have such a profound effect on the pain I had been experiencing.

“Bowen can really change lives, it helped me to achieve my ambition and without it I don’t think physically or mentally I was up to the challenge.”