Hospital ward closes due to norovirus

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A WARD at West Suffolk Hospital has closed to new admissions after several patients showed symptoms of the highly contagious norovirus.

Ward F3 was closed today after seven patients displayed symptoms of the diarrhoea and vomiting virus. The closure comes just five days after the reopening of ward G4 which was closed on December 20 after three patients became ill.

Ward F10, which also closed on December 20, is due to be cleaned and reopened tomorrow after 13 patients showed symptoms of the virus.

Staff at the hospital are taking steps to stop the illness from spreading further by carrying out deep cleans and ensuring patients are not transferred elsewhere in the hospital.

Sue Partridge, deputy infection control doctor at West Suffolk Hospital said: “Norovirus is very infectious and every year there are cases in the community which transfer to the hospital. Because the virus has an incubation period of several days, people are often unaware that they are carrying it until after they have passed it on. Anyone who visits the hospital should be vigilant and take care to clean their hands.”