First of the flying paramedics gets his night ops approval

Neil Flowers
Neil Flowers
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Night operations by East Anglian Air Ambulance came a step closer when its first critical care paramedic qualified for after dark flying.

Neil Flowers was cleared for night work last night.

Tim Page, Chief Executive of EAAA said: “The other CCPs will all be taken out on the aircraft at night over the next week and we should soon have a full cohort who are qualified to operate on our Cambridge-based helicopter during the hours of darkness.

“We are growing ever closer to flying our first mission in the hours of darkness and we are optimistic that we will soon be cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority to begin responding to emergency calls across the region.”

To fly at night, critical care paramedics must show that they are able to navigate the helicopter to the scene of an incident with the aid of night vision goggles.

They must also assist the pilot in take-offs and landings, when the entire crew have a role to pay in ensuring the safety of the helicopter and its occupants.

The charity’s newest helicopter has night flying aids.