Faster CT scanners for patients

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WEST Suffolk Hospital has installed two new CT scanners that are set to improve x-ray scans.

The 64-slice CT scanners worth £718,000, replace older machines and will provide detailed scans more quickly.

The new machines are being leased to the hospital over a seven year period.

CT scanners are used to take a series of x-rays that can create a 3D image of a patient’s internal organs. The new machines use 64 detectors, which means they are more precise and produce images of a higher quality.

The scanners also produce a 40 per cent lower dose of radiation. The speed of the new machines has doubled that of those they are replacing.

Each machine can cover 30cm of the body in just 4.5 seconds. Patients must stay still and hold their breath during the scan. The higher speed of the machine means that patients have to hold their breath for less time.

Nigel Beeton, the imaging services manager at the hospital, said: “We’re really pleased with this state-of-the-art machinery, which will bring huge benefits to both patients and staff by producing high quality images quickly and efficiently.”

He added: “The technology is so advanced that it can scan large segments of someone’s body in just seconds.

“This is much more comfortable for the patient, as it means they don’t need to hold their breath for as long and their scan will be completed more rapidly.”

The first of the two scanners was installed earlier this summer and is in use. The second scanner was expected to come online this week.