F1 technology to help lose weight

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A GROUP of patients have taken part in a trial using new remote patient monitoring equipment, adapted from Formula 1 technology.

The StowHealth patients came to the end of a six-week project using the telemetry equipment last Friday, one of the first times the technology has been used in a community setting.

It was used during a weight and lifestyle management programme using overweight participants who wanted to make a change.

Dr Simon Rudland, GP at StowHealth who ran the programme, said: “The McLaren technology monitors and measures heart rate and activity and helps patients to understand whether they are doing enough to make a difference.”

The technology consists of a telemetry sensor, which is worn and collects the data, and a collector box which provides feedback to the patient about how much difference the exercise they are doing is making.

It can also tell people how many calories they are consuming.

Dr Rudland said: “The patients didn’t realise how much they needed to do to change something.”

The McLaren technology had previously only been used on athletes, including the England rugby team and members of the Olympic team.

Teresa Foot, 55, from Stowmarket, took part in the project, losing 21lbs during six weeks.

She said had tried several keep fit classes and dieting before, but found the telemetry equipment and this programme very helpful.

“It was good knowing what calories I was using up when I was doing certain exercises, what my heart rate was when I was exercising and knowing what my calory intake was and whether I was using enough,” she said.

StowHealth, in partnership with the in-house gym, also gave participants advice on exercising and healthy eating.

The project aimed to assess whether the McLaren technology could be used in a primary care setting.