Anglian Water moves to calm E.coli fears

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ANGLIAN Water has moved to ease residents’ concerns after E.coli was found in the tap of one home.

The water provider has released statements this week reassuring residents in Red Lodge that their water supply is safe to drink.

Residents in Hornbeam Avenue last week reported that they believed endemic bouts of sickness - including diarrhoea and stomach pain - were being caused by their water supply.

They have also made complaints about a smell of ‘raw sewage’ coming from water sources including taps and washing machines.

But tests by Anglian Water showed positive signs of E.coli in only one tap in one home.

John Clare, media manager for Anglian Water, told residents: “Please do not worry.”

He said: “Anglian Water supplies some of the safest, best quality drinking water in the world.

“Our tests all show the water in Red Lodge is clean and safe to drink.”

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) have been presented with the results of Anglian Water’s tests.

A spokesman for the HPA said: “The HPA is happy to confirm that the results from the water supply provided by AW in the local area confirm that it is safe to drink.”

Dr Torbjorn Sundkvist, consultant in communicable disease control for HPA, said: “During the winter time we expect gastro intestinal illness like norovirus infections to be present in the community but these types of infection are not spread by the water supply which has been shown to be safe in Red Lodge.”

Mr Clare added that drains on the six-month-old estate - which may be causing the smell - were not the responsibility of Anglian Water. He said the drains were separate from the water supply and should not affect drinking water.

Suffolk Housing Society, which owns the drains, says it has have fitted a valve at one property in an attempt to deal with the smell.

Ian Winslet, chief executive, said: “We have thoroughly checked the plumbing at four properties in Red Lodge where odours have been reported but have found no underlying reason why the residents should be experiencing these problems.”