Headway hub opens in Mildenhall after donation by family of injured football fan

Launch of new Headway hub at the 
Jubilee Centre, in Mildenhall
Launch of new Headway hub at the Jubilee Centre, in Mildenhall
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A vital service has launched its latest ‘hub’ to help people who have suffered brain injury.

The Mildenhall Headway hub opened on Tuesday at the town’s Jubilee Centre, helped with money raised by the family of Simon Dobbin, who suffered devastating injuries after beaing beaten up in Southend following a football match.

Simon, 43, is now back home in Mildenhall after a year receiving treatment for his injuries.

His family and friends have raised thousands of pounds and £800 was donated to help Headway Suffolk launch the hub to support and rehabilitate local people.

The Jubilee Centre has undergone a £750,000 refurbishment by Mildenhall Parish Council which means it offers good disabled access.

Helen Fairweather, Headway Suffolk chief executive, said: “Anybody with a neurological condition who needs general support and rehabilitation can receive help. We offer help with basic life skills, computer skills, it all depends on the client. “The idea of the hubs is that nobody has to travel too far to get to the service. We are delighted to be in the Jubilee Centre which caters for all our needs.” The hub operates every Tuesday between 10am and 3pm.

Simon’s wife Nicole said that while still unable to speak Simon knows those around him. “He’s happy to be home. This has transformed our lives. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Simon is well and aware of who people are. We are taking things day by day.”