Headteacher of Bury St Edmunds school pays tribute to Lavenham woman who died after snowboarding accident

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A headteacher of a Bury St Edmunds school has paid tribute to former pupil Emily ‘Mimi’ Watts’ who died after a snowboarding accident.

Emily from Lavenham, was a former pupil at St Benedict’s Catholic School in Bury. She died on Thursday.

Emily 'Mimi' Watts

Emily 'Mimi' Watts

The 26-year-old had been snowboarding in the Alps when she fell and was buried in a snowdrift.

She suffered a heart attack and her brain was starved oxygen for 45 minutes.

Doctors at the French hospital that treated her warned that there was no chance of her making a full recoverey and almost ‘zero’ chance of her coming out of a coma.

On Thursday – five days after the accident, doctors made the decision to switch off her life support. She passed away with her family at her bedside.

Hugh O’Neill, head at St Benedicts said: “Although we knew that Emily’s condition was critical, we had hoped and prayed for some sign of recovery. “Our memories of Emily’s time at St Benedict’s are of a lively, happy girl, keen on sports, and popular with her peers.

“We know they are shocked and saddened by the loss of a lovely friend. Emily will be deeply missed.”

She had been offered a second university place next year and hoped to launch her own range of fashion clothes for winter sports.

Her brother Rory, 27, said: “The world lost a bright shining star this week, but her memory will live on and continue to inspire us all.

“We will be starting a charity in her name called Good Story.

“It’s primary purpose will be to nurture creative talent by helping young people find funding and advice to start up their own businesses.”