Headlines from the past

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These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this same week in years gone by.

10 years ago:

The first West Suffolk College Graduation Ceremony was held in Bury St Edmunds. The event saw degree graduates parade through the town in academic dress. They started their day at the Corn Exchange and walked to the main ceremony in St Edmundsbury Cathedral. HND and HNC graduates also had the honour of wearing robes and attending the ceremony. David Kent, higher education manager at the college, carried the APU mace of four herons and a crown during the parade.

25 years ago:

Twenty people, including salespeople, mechanics, pump attendants, office workers and car cleaners, were to lose their jobs in Brandon as Finevale garage was to shut down at the end of the month after 15 years of business. The closure was to make way for a housing development on the London Road site.

50 years ago:

A picture of what Bury would ‘probably’ look like in the future was painted by West Suffolk County Council area planning officer Mr A H Kenyon. He said future development in the Moreton Hall to Shakers Lane area should even-up the lopsidedness of the town, which was built on one side of a river valley with housing to the west, and that with car numbers increasing at the rate of five per cent a year, it would be strangled if street parking was allowed to continue.