Headlines from the past

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These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this week in years gone by.

10 years ago



Prince Charles visited Bury St Edmunds to inspect progress on the St Edmundsbury Cathedral Millennium Tower. Despite heavy downpours, crowds gathered to meet the Prince, who was patron of the Millennium Appeal which had helped raise funds for the £10.3 million project. Cathedral dignitaries, including the Dean, the Very Rev James Atwell, Warwick Pethers, who designed the tower’s exterior and Harry Parsons, who was overseeing the building work, showed the Prince around the development. It was his third visit to the cathedral in recent years.

25 years ago

A new breed of F-111 fighter planes capable of carrying cruise missiles could become stationed at USAF Lakenheath. Moves to transfer 51 of the specifically-converted bombers from the Eastern USA to Britain, made in the early 1990s, were confirmed by Gen William kirk, commander-in-chief of the USAF in Europe. But a Washington defence spokesman denied the new planes would be operating with cruise missiles from Britain.

50 years ago

Established Bury St Edmunds auctioneers and land agents Arthur Rutter, Sons & Co announced they had amalgamated with well-known national agents Smiths, Gore & Co. The new firm was known as Rutters Smiths Gore.