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News Nostalgia
News Nostalgia
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These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this week in years gone by.

10 years ago

About 20 members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) gathered outside RAF Feltwell armed with placards and banners as part of the group’s No Star Wars tour of the country. They were protesting against America’s military plans to put weapons into space, in which they believed the American base could play an important role. Their aim was to raise the profile of the base, which was a space surveillance centre, and which CND claimed could have a future involvement in missile defence.

25 years ago

Major new plans were unveiled to turn the former Sainsbury’s supermarket in Bury St Edmunds town centre into a £1.5 million shopping complex. The new plan, announced by Cordwell Property, was the fourth such mini-precinct development to be announced for the town. The company that had bought the vacant building for £3 million aimed to build an arcade linking Cornhill with St Andrew’s Street, together with 13 shops units and a restaurant.

50 years ago

Residents in Furze Close, Thurston, were complaining about the stench from three poultry batteries in the middle of the housing estate. Thedwastre Rural District Council heard how the ‘nuisance’ had been going on for three years and followed previous problems with effluent from overflowing septic tanks.